Ripples of Kindness : An Outside idea from Sandi Marshall

An Outside idea from Sandi Marshall : Ripples of kindness

The boring bit………
Random Acts of Kindness day began in the United States when, in 1995, The Random Acts of Kindness (RAK’s) Foundation was founded in Denver, Colorado. 

It was seen as a movement to inspire good and promote RAK’s. The first actual RAK
day was in New Zealand in 2004 and now it is celebrated around the world!

The nice bit……….
RAK’s have a huge impact, not just on the recipient but on the individual who takes
the time to come up with the idea and bring it to life.

The awesome bit………
If you sign up to the networking meeting on 1st September with Networking in… by
????? you will not only have the opportunity to find out more about RAK’s but you
will also receive a free gift!

The warning bit…………….
Do not open your free gift until the RAK presentation begins or you may miss out on
a few ripples!!

Sandi Marshall
Workplace Wellbeing

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