Rethinking purpose… : An Outside idea from Michael Pawley

An Outside idea from Michael Pawley : Rethinking purpose ….

The last 18 months have provided all of us as business owners with plenty of challenges but also opportunities to rethink our businesses – maybe changing our business purpose or making operational changes to reflect new ways of working/our customers’ changed buying habits.

Over the last year or so we’ve worked with all our outsourced FD/CFO clients to help them work through the key questions and in particular to consider the financial implications:

  • Have you changed your business purpose? 
  • What is your new purpose as a business? 
  • Who are your new customer audience?
  • Are any operational changes needed? 
  • Do you have the right team on board?
  • Do you have enough funding? 

However it struck us that in many parts of the world the basic business skills and knowledge that we all so often take for granted can be hard to find so whilst rethinking our own business we decided to support the provision of bookkeeping training in Zambia and Zimbabwe – for every day that we provide our outsourced FD we currently fund one day of training through B1G1 who align all their projects with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – you can click through to the foot of our blog page for more details .

It’s great to be able to align our business purpose with that of business owners in another continent who we will never meet – a little goes a long way, in more ways than one!

Michael Pawley


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