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Victoria Wright - The Living Herb

How would it feel to be full of energy and vitality?
How would it feel to be free from the health problems that are holding you back?
How would it feel to be the healthiest, happiest YOU?

About My Business

I believe that we all have the power to achieve this. I believe that with the right support, the right mix of plants-based medicines and tiny lifestyle changes we can transform our lives. We can feel alive!

Together we can make the journey towards a healthier you.

I spent 10 years working as a research scientist whilst trying to manage a chronic health condition that left me in pain on a daily basis. It was only when I started looking after my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing that I was able to make transformative changes to my long term health and become pain free.

Six years of extensive training to be a Medical Herbalist gives me a rigorous and scientific approach to helping people understand their own health issues. I am a trained wellness coach and have developed a technique called compassionate coaching which brings together contemplative psychology and my 20 years of meditation experience with cognitive and motivational coaching techniques. I’m also a big science geek so I keep up to date with the latest scientific research.

My blog is filled with hints and tips on how to lead a healthier life. If you want a bit more detailed information then you can download my free health guides. Sometimes we all need a little help. It could be motivation to make a change or help to stop feeling overwhelmed with stress. Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness and just don’t know where to start. Whatever the issue, you can book in for a free phone consultation to discuss how I can help you.  Together we will find the best way to manage your health concerns.

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