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Sarah Fletcher - Mushroom Souffle

Purple loving, cat crazy, dancing social media oddbod.

Life’s too short not to laugh every day.

If you’ve Zoomed with me, you’ll have spied my sidekick Missy the witch’s cat. Actually, she’s the boss and supervises everything I do to make sure there is £££ for her tuna and chicken. She’s 17 and still plays like a kitten, even though she’s losing her marbles slowly. (She’s helping me write this)

About My Business

Mushroom Souffle is all about removing the WTF out of social media.

Especially when it comes to creating a realistic plan that suits, brainstorming all the awesome social media posts, and time saving tools and techniques to make it happen.

If you’re a business owner that needs to sort your online shit out, jump into my 12 Week Social Media Brain Box that starts in September. All the training and mentoring you need.

I also work with published non-fiction authors. Finding maintaining the social media consistency after your highly successful book launch a challenge? Give the book to me and I’ll work my magic turning it into a vault of evergreen social media content. You’ll never have to think about what to say again or worry about feeding the beast!

AND we plug all that lovely content into a cool system that will post for you, so your little monkey brain can’t get in the way of what to post and when 😉

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