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Sara Southey - The Southey Way

Not Just a Personal Trainer! Get control of your Body, Mind & Soul for Life. Let me help you take control of your health & fitness so you can be healthier, happier and stronger for longer!

About My Business



Want to lose weight but suspect you might put it all back on again?
Feel anxious, depressed or fatigued?
Feel like you’re fighting your energy levels to get through your day?
Hate the gym but want to get fitter & stronger?
Want to make a change but are confused by all the fitness and health options available to you?
Struggle to find time for yourself with the stresses of life?


To feel confident?
More energy, positivity and enthusiasm in your day to day life?
Fitness and health habits that work with your lifestyle?
To be fitter and stronger?
To do more of what is fun & important in your life?

Let me help you learn and implement the simple, practical steps for you to become strong in body, mind and confidence and create sustainable health & fitness habits that work for you and your lifestyle.

Say NO to YOYO dieting, wasted money on quick fixes, unused gym memberships.
Say YES to health & fitness habits that work for you, get results and give you long term success!

The Southey Way Programme is a tailored comprehensive health & fitness programme that fits in with your life, pushes you to achieve more than you thought you could. The programme helps you build strength in both body and mind alongside creating the long term habits for long term success. All with full, on going support, motivation and encouragement to help you throughout the progress.

You do need to take control of your own health for the best success
But you don’t have to do it alone!

Fit for Life – Take Control
No Gym Required

Contact me however you’d like

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