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Roger Knight - AttractMore Ltd.

Having an effective, good-looking website is essential for any business – whether that’s a straightforward brochure site or an online eCommerce site.

I’ve been working as a web developer for many years now, creating websites and eCommerce sites for a wide variety of businesses. I say I am a web developer, rather than a web designer, as I prefer to leave the design of websites to people who specialise in that area.

I have found that the combination of specialist web design skills coupled with my detailed web technology knowledge produces highly effective websites that earn their keep.

About My Business

I work in three main areas.

New websites

For a new website, the process starts with a good understanding of the business, its customers/clients and its competitors. Only then can we work on creating a site that’s targeted at the right people, is aligned with the business objectives and is better than the sites offered by others.

The technical elements of a website are also crucial to a website’s success. Sites must

  • Load quickly so people aren’t waiting around
  • Work on screens of all sizes
  • Be as secure as possible
  • Have a logical structure

These factors influence where your web pages are placed in the search engine results as they affect how visitors perceive your site. Of course, your site must also be optimised for relevant keywords so that your pages are shown at decent positions for related searches.

Our objective is always to create effective websites and online shops that attract the right customers, drive sales and give an excellent ROI.

Improving existing websites

If a business owner is unhappy with their website, I can help get it back into shape. People are often unhappy about their site either because:

  1. It’s not getting as many visits as they would like
  2. They’re getting insufficient responses (purchases, signups, contacts etc)
  3. They’ve had some security issues e.g. a notification from Google or there are some unwanted links on their site
  4. The site isn’t working properly on mobile phones
  5. etc.

My approach is to discuss the issues with the business owner and then look into the root causes. I produce a report with a prioritised list of actions that should be taken to resolve the issues. If required, I can then continue to carry out the work to fix the problems.

Website maintenance

Rather like a car, a website needs maintenance to keep it working well. Software components need updating, security alerts need managing, search engine optimisation needs refining, etc.

I offer a website care package that includes updates, security management, uptime monitoring, backups, search engine monitoring, etc. Usually, the package includes making small changes to the site at the owner’s request. The detailed content of each package is tailored to the needs of the client.

This helps to keep the site the best it can be so it can achieve its goals.


An effective website is a significant asset for a business whereas a poor site can be a liability and put people off from engaging with a business.

I work with ambitious businesses to create top-notch websites and improve existing sites, so they are a genuine asset.

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