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Ozkan Mustafa - Aptania Ltd

Ozkan is a passionate and skilled online technology leader with over 25 years’ experience. He has deep familiarity with enterprise software development and architecture and a proven and exceptional track record in developing successful solutions within time and budgetary constraints.

With a friendly and professional approach he builds great rapport with team members and clients alike.

About My Business

Aptania is a B2B / B2C customer data platform that offers our clients the following features :


Effectively managing your sales pipeline is a key part to any business. Tracking where each prospect is within a pipeline together with what activities have taken place gives you structure and visibility of your sales team’s performance.

Generate business leads

Using our lead generation tool you are able to identify which companies and when they arrive at your website. This lead information can then be automatically pushed into your sales flows within our system.

Build email marketing campaigns

Easily build and email marketing campaigns across channels that engage your customers in a personalised way.

Trigger emails automatically in real time based on activity – or lack of activity – in any customer channel.

Monitor web traffic

Knowing where visitors are coming from and going on your website is key to understanding and profiling your customer base. Whether they landed on your site via an email, link or search engine our tracking allows you to identify which channel is performing best.

Track B2C & B2B Sales

Cater for both your B2C and B2B customers in a single solution. No need have separate systems, processes and reports. A customer is a customer and having all of your customers in one system simplifies your business and allows for accurate sales reports.

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