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Ed Fraser - Fraser Coaching

I support working parents (aged between 30-45) who struggle financially move to a position of financial freedom.

I work with them so they can:

– optimise their finances
– feel happier about their financial plans (i.e. house move, pensions, savings etc)
– have someone neutral in their corner to talk to about personal finances
– enjoy their life (in and outside of work)
– feel more in control
– find peace of mind
– gain some perspective
– create time focusing on finances
– sleep better

————Sound interesting?———————

LET’S TALK – Message me, call 07747697736, email, or click here to book in a chat.

SPECIALITIES – ILM L7 qualified Executive & Accredited Finance Coach, Trainer

OUTSIDE WORK – Dog Lover. Daddy Day Care. Keen traveller (South East Asia). Love cricket and rugby and skiing!

About My Business

I grew up being told that money was something not to be discussed and at school no one ever showed me how you should or could manage your finances. As a result, during my first years of “adult life” I did not feel in control of my finances and certainly had no confidence in how to manage all the different aspects – budgeting, pension, savings, etc.


Growing my confidence and control of my finances has positively impacted my life, now I help others achieve that same peace of mind and empowerment.

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