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Danielle Beeken - By KINDLY Ltd

With over 20 years of experience in design, I have developed an in-depth understanding of the true impact our living and working environments can have on our wellbeing, creativity and positivity. I bring this knowledge to my projects with a focus on key elements; colours, material use, lighting and air quality as these influence our mental and physical health more than most realise. Having studied Holistic design and being an advocate for biophilic design, I aim to connect the natural world with our clients home to produce the loveliest environment for them to spend time in.

About My Business

Enriching Lives Through Mindful Design

At KINDLY, we believe mindful interior design enhances our happiness. Because in the never-ending busyness of everyday life, our home becomes not just a physical structure but an oasis – a scaffolding for our dreams, needs and emotions.

We love creating personalised homes that everyone wants to retreat to when life demands get just too much. And we’re doing it kindly – with respect for your needs and wants, while staying mindful of our planet.

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