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Becks Neale - Inkshed Ltd t/a Becks Neale

On a mission to inspire and help make a positive difference to our planet and our wellbeing, today and for future generations, brand by brand.

I am passionate about helping purpose-led founders who inspire hope in people and our planet – the change-makers, the peace-makers, the brave-and-vulnerable… – because their powerful stories need to be told, felt and shared to make our world a better place.

Together we develop an authentic brand that is fully aligned with your story and all that you stand for, transforming feelings of overwhelm or doubt into a renewed energy, confidence and clarity, to enable you to create the world you want to see. It all starts with your story, which is held at the heart of your brand to develop meaningful, considered and original brand assets, illustrations and content that have the power to make a difference in how your organisation is seen, heard and felt.

When your brand is aligned it can create a nurturing, inspiring, thriving, empowering, supportive environment for everyone involved.

Design to tell your story.


About My Business

It’s all about helping you authentically and meaningfully show what you stand for and the positive impact you strive to make.

As a purpose-led founder you put so much of yourself into your business and work, and with that comes vulnerability. You wear your heart on your sleeve. So your brand has a vital role to play both internally and externally.

It’s important that your brand not only reflects your purpose in a way that engages and inspires others, but also an identity that inspires and makes you feel confident.

You understand the importance of branding and you:

> are passionate about what you do and the positive difference you make in the world

> are ready to establish and evolve your brand to feel fully aligned

> want to work with someone who will take the time to understand your purpose and vision

> need guidance, inspiration and support to help you gain clarity and confidence

> want to develop an authentic brand to attract those clients and collaborators you love working with

Through understanding your story and all that you stand for, I work with you to develop an inspiring and engaging brand that is unique, authentic and fully aligned to you. A brand that you can completely step into, enables you to do more of what you love, whilst increasing the impact you make in other’s lives.

“Becks has been incredible through the whole process that we’ve been working together…Her attention to detail, all-encompassing comprehension of what I needed and her drive to go above and beyond what’s expected is phenomenal…I would highly recommend Becks to anyone who wants a bespoke and professional offering.” Jess Latchford, Founder of Leading Wild

Take the first step towards your brand adventure today:

Inkshed Ltd trading as Becks Neale. Registered in England & Wales. Company No.14151418

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