How to make your future excite you

How to make your future excite you

A young girl, a dream and a microphone.

When she was nine years old, together with her friends, they formed Girls Tyme (and eventually, Destiny’s Child).

It was doing well until 1992 when the group lost on the Star Search television talent show, and three years later it was dropped from a recording contract before they released an album.

They rose above these failures, but in 2006, the group was disbanded and they each went their own way.

This marked the start of the group leader’s solo career. She has since performed at the Superbowl twice, won 32 grammy awards and been nominated for over 400 other awards.

By now you know who I’m talking about right? No matter where you’ve come from or how old you are, the whole world knows Beyoncé.

It’s a household name, just like Michael Jackson or Queen Elizabeth II or Elton John.

Beyoncé is proof that dreams can turn into reality. And that’s because she visualises every single thing about her life.

“It’s hard for me to commit to something until I have that vision, because I haven’t seen it yet. It’s very strange but I saw all of my really great performances happen before they happened.

I visualise everything from the colour of my stiletto to my hairstyle, to my choreography and movement. And no one has seen it except me. So there are certain details that I’m really particular about.”

Might sound a bit woo woo, but all of her biggest performances and career achievements are visualisations that she spoke into existence long before they ever happened.

What about your future excites you most?

When you think about your life ten years from today, what do you see?

Do you picture yourself on an island enjoying the sun? Or on a safari looking out for the Big five animals?

Whatever it is, if you want to make your future exciting, you have to dream big.

You have to see yourself opening the door to your dream car, getting in and turning it on.

You have to see yourself in the corner office, and you have to see yourself sitting in that dream house. And you must see yourself happy, while at it. Tht’s how to make your future excite you.

This visualisation will help fuel your pursuit of your dreams.

5 proven ways to make your future excite you

1. Shake off fear

Would you believe me if I told you that Beyonce suffers from stage fright? Well, you better. Because it’s true.

Fear in itself is not a bad thing.

And in fact, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

The only problem with fear is when it gets in the way of your plans.

When you say you’re going to put yourself out there and do more networking.

Until you learn to do things scared, you probably won’t create an exciting future.

Sir Laurence Olivier, one of the most famous British actors of all time is reputed to have developed crippling performance anxiety and even requested those on stage not to look him in the eye during some performances. But that never stopped him.

 Adele is scared of audiences. 

Ewan McGregor even says he loves that feeling of walking on a knife edge.

Long story short, when you start nurturing your dreams, make sure to shake off fear. And remember to do it scared.

2. Nurture dreams of your own

I’ve done a lot of things that I thought I really wanted, but ended up regretting.

I let other people’s voices get in the way of my own. Spent money and energy on things that didn’t resonate with who I was.

Can you relate?

We’ve all been there…

If you want to create an exciting future, you’ve got to paint your own canvas.

Yes, you can take in other people’s opinions, but news flash!

You don’t have to listen to them.

And their dreams don’t have to be your dreams. Their fears shouldn’t stop you from going after your goals.

3. Get some inspiration

“Upgrade your mental diet.”

These were the wise words by Rebecca Reed at the last Networking-in…

Whatever you consume consumes you. So, if you want to be excited about your future, you have to consume inspiring content.

Who do you aspire to be like? Think about the most successful people.

And not just successful in terms of money. It could be successful in terms of living a fulfilled life, or successful in terms of happiness.

What habits have they cultivated? Who do they surround themselves with?

Cultivate these habits and you’re bound to make your future excite you.

4. Visualise it

Beyonce says that she would visualise her great performances long before they happened.

She knew exactly what she wanted. And she got exactly that.

Lindsey Vonn, world cup winning skier, says that she would visualise the run before she did it. By the time she got to the start gate, she’d run that race 100 times already in her head. And she had won.

What do you want for yourself in the future? Which car do you want to drive? Which house do you want to live in? How much money do you want to make?

If you can accurately see this vision, you’ll get the motivation to go after it.

And that, friends, is how to create an exciting future.

5. Make a plan

The difference between dreamers and doers is that doers actually ask for what they want.

They go after it. And it doesn’t remain this abstract, vague reality.

You need to show up as the person who you want to be in future. You have to cultivate the habits of success.

Whether that means waking up at 5 am daily, or getting in 10,000 hours, you need a solid plan to make you reach where you plan to.


It’s always been really important to me to dream of an exciting future.

That’s what gets me out of bed every day, and that’s what makes me work hard. Whenever I feel like crap, and I’m stuck in a funk, that’s what gets me out of it.

So, the five proven ways to make your future excite you are:

  1. Shake off fear
  2. Nurture dreams of your own
  3. Get some inspiration
  4. Visualise it
  5. Make a plan

I’m running the Power of Dreams workshop on Friday, 24th February, and I’d love it if you could come along. In this workshop, we will visualise our dreams, make a bucket list, and create a plan to actually make our dreams come true!

You’ll even get to do some networking. The workshop is all for charity, as all proceeds go towards Action for children. Find out more and get booking here.


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