Don’t give up : An Outside idea

Don’t give up : An Outside idea


Did you know that JK Rowling was turned down 12 times before she finally found a publisher that would take her manuscript?

Did you also know that Colonel Sander’s recipe was rejected by 1,009 restaurants before he found success with the 1,010th?

Let me ask you something, imagine you’re JK Rowling or Colonel Sanders, how long do you think you would go before giving up?

Once? Twice? 10 times?

I’ve writt
en about persistence quite a few times for a reason – it is one of the most defining qualities of the most successful people.

Remember that story about the man who gave up just 6 feet from Gold during the gold rush?

He mined for a while and when the vein he was following ran out, he gave up.

He sold his equipment to someone else who went back to the very same mine, followed the very same vein and found gold just 3 feet under.

As a business owner, you’ll come across challenges that will tempt you into giving up.


Keep going because success lies past that mountain that seems impossible to climb.

Onwards and Upwards my friend.


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