Dirty Money : An Outside idea

An Outside idea: Dirty Money

At the start of a sell out business expo. A well-respected motivational speaker started his presentation in silence. Quietly, he took a £20 note from his wallet and held it high above his head. 

He paused a moment and asked the packed out audience “who wants it”.

Every hand in the house went up.

The Speaker paused. He looked lovingly at the note and then crumpled it into a small ball.  This time, he held the ball shaped note in the air and asked “who wants it now”.

Once again, every hand in the house went up.

“Interesting”, said the speaker. Next he threw the crumpled note on the 20 floor and stomped wildly on it.

Picking it up with his fingernails, he once again held the disheveled note high above his head. “Anyone want it now”.

As before, everyones hand went up.

The speaker then started his talk.

“It appears that it doesn’t matter what I do to the note, everyone still wants it because regardless of how dirty it got, its value remained the same”. 

“So why then, would people devalue themselves simply because life had beaten them down”.

What a start to a speech! I’m sure if you or I were in the audience, we’d have learned a profound lesson that day. 

Life deals us all curveballs from time to time that can make us feel inadequate.  It’s important to hold on to the fact that no matter how hard things get, we all still have something valuable to give.

You are Awesome! Believe it. Have confidence in your own value.

As someone who’s struggled with my own value and confidence on and off for years, there’s a brilliant youtube / Audio by Paul Mckenna which I HIGHLY recommend. I played it every night for 2 weeks whilst I slept and it really works, you can listen here.

If you need some help, we’ve got some great resources from confidence to business planning, you can find them here.

Onwards and upwards my friend


Dirty Money An Outside idea Know your Value


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