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Jon Walter | Twenty Eighty Online

Jon got balance in his life & grew his business by 50%

Jon Walter | Twenty Eighty Online

Building rock solid WordPress websites.

Jon was stuck in a vicious cycle of not being able to see further than 6 weeks ahead, while being too busy & working 60 hour weeks. He couldn't see the wood for the trees, he was treading water & not growing the business.

I felt exhausted! It was stressful, frustrating and I was working 60 hours a week just to keep my business ticking over.

Jon Walter
Owner, Twenty Eighty Online

I felt like wasn’t improving, I was stagnating professionally

Jon found himself getting busier & busier & hoping that if he could only do it faster & harder, he’d be more successful. But, eventually, he realized he just couldn’t keep up. He couldn’t keep working more & more hours only to get the same result.

I was facing a challenge in that I didn’t feel able to plan ahead for my business, I would think 6 weeks ahead at best. My business was going well but I couldn’t see the wood from the trees. I wanted more out of my business but I wasn’t improving.

Jon Walter
Owner, Twenty Eighty Online

Putting a plan in place to help his business thrive

Together Jon & Pete put together a plan, processes & structure. It has enabled Jon to hire his first employee & to take on much bigger clients as he now has the capacity to do so. He's also stopped working 60 hour weeks. He's created solid foundations to his business to help it scale & enable him to focus on areas that support the business growth.

Knowing that I had accountability every week from our planning sessions, having the voice to ask me what was coming next and someone to plan with helped me feel less isolated. My business has processes in place, I have a great sales funnel and a fantastic business management structure. It has enabled me to take on bigger projects and show a 50% increase on my monthly revenue.

Jon Walter
Owner, Twenty Eighty Online

The Process...



Get absolutely clear on where you’re at & what’s holding you back.



Look at where you should be spending your time to get better results.



Then work together to make a personalised plan to help you move forward.



We’ll be right by your side, guiding you, cheering you on & holding you accountable.

Business & Life Balanced

Now Jon has balance back in his life. He's not working the long hours & he's grown his business by 50%. He has the systems & processes need to support the business, as well as robust sales funnels which means larger clients can be brought on. He now rarely works more than 9-5 & the change was almost immediate.

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