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How to generate business leads

How to generate business leads How many of you have WhatsApp installed on your phones and use it on a regular basis? If I were to guess, I’d say it’s probably more than 90% of you! But do you know the story of how WhatsApp came to be? Jan Koum was born in a small...
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An Outside idea: Sales Process

5 steps to create a successful sales process

5 steps to create a successful sales process “Everyone has doors that if we knock on can bring incredible blessings, but most of us never knock.” ~Steve Harrison Back in 1931, David Ogilvy dropped out of Oxford to become an apprentice chef in Paris. One year later, he left Paris and went back to his...
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An Outside idea: Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

All You Need To Know About A Unique Selling Proposition )USP)

All you need to know about a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Let’s talk about the sad story of Nokia. Nokia was the largest cell phone maker in 1998, but by 2013, the company had lost it all and completely collapsed.  When they were at their peak, they occupied quite a specific market and offered a...
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An Outside idea: Client avatars

Know your avatar

Know your avatar Do you remember the “Share a coke” campaign? They changed the “traditional” wrapping around the Coke bottle to say ‘Share a Coke with…’ and a popular name. Essentially what Coke did was encourage people to buy a bottle of coke for their loved ones, with their name written on it. Clever! #ShareACoke...
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3 feet from gold

3 feet from gold Business can be quite unfair. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill writes about a man called R.U Darby during the gold rush.  Darby’s Uncle struck gold and asked him to join him in prospecting his mine. Things started well and they struck a decent vein of gold, but over time...
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8 Tips For A Successful Holiday As A Small Business Owner

8 tips for a successful holiday as a small business owner Prince Harry is a victim of a burnout. In an interview in 2021, he opened up about how he found himself in a situation where it seemed like everything was working against him. As a father, husband, and amongst others; Chief Impact Officer at...
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Outside ideas Drop the Ball

Sometimes you have to drop the ball : An Outside idea

Dropping the ball In 1999, before “Google” was a verb, the second most popular search engine was Excite. One of Google’s founders, Larry Page, wanted to sell Google to Excite for a mere $750,000 if the company would agree to replace its tech with Google search tech. The Excite CEO at the time, George Bell,...
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Marketing On A Budget

Marketing on a budget Did you do the ice bucket challenge? Remember, the viral videos of people soaking themselves… The campaign created a ripple effect that spread around the world and was taken up by people including Obama, Bill Gates, the Beckhams, MarkZuckerberg, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. The key was social media. Friends would...
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An Outside idea: work-life balance

5 Tips To Achieving A Work-Life Balance

5 Tips To Achieving A Work-Life Balance I once met a business owner who has a partner and 2 young kids. They were hell bent on building a successful business and were working some incredible (and unsustainable) hours as a result. Rising at 6am, they would work until their young workforce came online at 9. ...
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Sales 101

Sales 101 Have you heard of the sales god Erica Feidner? She was the top sales representative for Steinway & Sons, one of the world’s largest piano manufacturers, worldwide for eight consecutive years, selling over $41 million dollars in pianos, costing anywhere from $2,000 to $152,000. You see, Erica was fascinated by the piano from...
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