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Solutions over problems do you complain too much

Solutions over Problems : An Outside idea

Solutions over Problems : An Outside idea An Outside idea: Do you complain too much? The story of the wise man and the same old jokes   There was once an old wise man who liked to walk…  He walked far and wide, but always set off from the same point. On his journey out of...
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Networking in South Oxfordshire & Vale of the White Horse

South Oxfordshire based networking group – chosen to support the fight against the spread of Covid. The online business networking group, Networking in… has been chosen by the South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils to host a new online business networking event for the region.  With ongoing concern over the potential for...
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Outside ideas David Perry What's your Story?

The Art of Storytelling : An Outside idea from David Perry

Outside idea from David Perry : The Art of Storytelling What’s your story? When I first started going to networking meetings, I quickly learned that there was a typical conversational structure which went something along the lines of “Hello, I’m X, what do you do, how is your business going ” etc etc.One day, I...
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Outside ideas Accountability and Team

Mastermind Group

Everything you need to know about a Mastermind Group. What they are, what to expect, why you’d join, & how to find the right Mastermind Group. It’s about Solidarity, Togetherness, Strength in numbers & Business Growth
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Outside ideas cost vs investment

Cost vs Investment : An Outside idea

Cost vs Investment : An Outside idea from Peter Mols   How often do you look at you spend as cost vs investment? I’m forever on the lookout for a bargain. It borders on a mild obsession. I was talking to Simon Crisp last week about how much he loves trades shows and expos. He was talking...
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Outside ideas Accountability Mastermind Group

Finding Accountability : An Outside idea

Finding Accountability : An Outside idea The Ultimate Test Four university students decided to spend the whole night partying even though they knew that they had a test the next day.In the morning, they came up with a plan to lie to their professor and get out of taking the test.They rolled around in the...
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Outside ideas limiting belief

Limiting Beliefs : An Outside idea

Limiting Beliefs : An Outside idea The elephants rope A man was walking through a zoo when he noticed an elephant tethered by a tiny rope. He was amazed that the elephant didn’t just pull itself free, so he approached one of the workers and asked.The worker said that the elephants were secured with the...
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News from Oi : Networking in… South & Vale

We have some very exciting news to share.A few weeks ago I was contacted by my friend Nick King from South & Vale Business Support. Nick asked me if we’d be interested in running a localised version of Networking in… I didn’t have to think about it long.I’m delighted to announce that Networking in… The South &...
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Outside ideas Ronald McDonald House Charities Caroline Sinclair

There are more hours in the day : An Outside idea from Caroline Sinclair

An Outside idea from Caroline Sinclair : There are more hours in the day While listening to a podcast with Dr Catherine Green OBE, of the Oxford University team who developed and began manufacturing the AstraZeneca vaccine, she uttered the words ‘the past 18 months taught me that there ARE more hours in the day’. Surprised? What...
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Outside ideas KFC

Don’t give up : An Outside idea

Don’t give up : An Outside idea   Did you know that JK Rowling was turned down 12 times before she finally found a publisher that would take her manuscript?Did you also know that Colonel Sander’s recipe was rejected by 1,009 restaurants before he found success with the 1,010th? Let me ask you something, imagine...
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