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Looking to grow? Get your culture right first

Looking to grow? Get your culture right first If your business is growing, you’ll get to a stage where you need help to keep up. After outsourcing the easy stuff, like the books; we inevitably reach a stage where we need to find people that will be let loose on our customers. If you want...
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Get Change Ready : an Outside idea by Ali Sinclair

5 Steps: Get Change Ready   It’s that time of the year when we are bombarded on social and in the media by the words, goals, resolutions and intentions.    A new year can create a sense of pressure and external influences can leave us feeling that if we aren’t thinking about or planning change...
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Plan for success in 2022 Outside ideas business plan

Planning for Success in 2022

Planning for Success in 2022 : An Outside idea   I read the other day that 49 out of 50 businesses are started without a business plan. I was shocked…  Having done a business degree, all my early businesses had detailed business plans that ran to pages and pages of text with charts and numbers...
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You can’t pour from an empty cup

Ever heard the expression, You can’t pour from an empty cup? I’m not ashamed to admit that the last 3 months have been pretty exhausting, and I feel like my cup has been empty for some time.   If I’m honest though, it seems like most of the people I’m speaking to have cups that seem...
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Start with Culture

An Outside idea : Start with Culture This week at Networking in… we were joined by a very special guest. Richard Kennell is the Founder and CEO of SOFEA; an Oxfordshire based social enterprise that has gone from 4 to 90 staff in 8 years. He also happens to be my old business studies teacher....
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Create a winning plan in 7 steps

Create a winning plan in 7 steps

Create a winning plan in 7 steps Are you ever plagued by a disease of distraction that keeps you jumping from one exciting project to another without actually getting much done. I am! Let me help you Create a winning plan in 7 steps. Do you ever find yourself getting distracted by new projects or...
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Outside ideas : Feeling the effects of burnout.

Feeling the effects of burnout

Feeling the effects of burnout This week I wrote a post on LinkedIn confessing that I’ve been feeling the effects of burnout. According to Mental Health first Aid England, the signs of burnout include: 1) Flatlining, and a feeling exhaustion.2) Cynicism and a feeling of detachment from our day job.3) Frustration and a feeling of...
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How to Stop Firefighting

How to Stop Firefighting : An Outside idea As a business owner, I find it so easy to get pulled into the urgent things that crop up on a day to day basis. Emails, phone calls and general fire fighting have been known to consume all my time when I allow it. How do we...
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Spotting the signs of burnout Rebecca Cheetham Siendo Feature image

Signs of Burnout

Signs of Burnout : An Outside idea by Rebecca Cheetham What do you understand by the term ‘burnout’? Signs of Burnout. Most people think of burnout and they think ‘exhaustion’ but… burnout is so much more than that… and the prevalence of burnout – on a global scale – is getting worse. A survey launched...
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Networking in Oxfordshire Online Networking

New South Oxfordshire Networking Group

New South Oxfordshire Networking Group We’re getting set for another big week next week with our first ever partnered Networking in… We’re delighted to be working with South & Vale Business Support to bring a new South Oxfordshire Networking group with Networking in… on the 2nd Wednesday each month at 10.30am. What’s prompted the new...
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