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How is Online Networking Different from (or Similar to) In-Person Networking?

How is Online Networking Different from (or Similar to) In-Person Networking? COVID-19 was life changing in so many ways for nearly everyone. One good thing that emerged from it was the confirmation that almost everything we do in person can be done over the internet. This sparked the debate: Online networking or in-person networking? In...
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Common mistakes entrepreneurs make

Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Entrepreneurs are not exempt from making mistakes. In fact, they probably make more decisions (and mistakes) than the average person. By understanding some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make, we can avoid them and navigate them better when they happen. When Scott Seamans first presented the idea of crocs...
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why you need a mastermind group

Why do you need a mastermind group?

Why Do You Need a Mastermind Group? Us small business owners are the unsung heroes of our Society. Creative, flexible and diverse, employing 16 million people, we’re at the sharp end in driving the UK economy. In spite of the challenges, we still chase our dreams daily. But according to a recent survey, almost 70%...
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6 Business Money Management Tips

6 Business Money Management Tips Money Management in a small business can be tricky, and you need tips to navigate it.  It tends to not be the reason you’ve gone into business for yourself, unless you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, and it can feel like an alien landscape. A business owner once told me...
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Networking in…with Sarah Santacroce

On Wednesday at Networking in…we were joined by Sarah Santacroce with a talk about humane selling. Her talk centered around replacing the sales funnel with a gentle sales path. We need to prepare people to want to buy from you. The gentle sales path is empowering. It’s about giving power back to the people, and...
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Self Care for a Business Owner

Self Care for a Business Owner Every once in a while, it’s important to put everything aside and recharge your system. Self care is important for everyone, and business owners are no exception. Let’s do a little visualisation exercise. Imagine yourself as a device, let’s say a phone… When your battery is at 100%, you...
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Proactivity - Secret to success in an economic recession

How to Prepare for a Recession

How to Prepare for a Recession What’s the number 1 streaming service for films and movies? There are probably a few you thought of, but I can bet you that somewhere on that list, you thought of Netflix. Netflix is one of the world’s leading entertainment services with 223 million paid memberships in over 190...
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5 Tips For A Successful Holiday As A Small Business Owner

5 Tips for a Successful Holiday as a Small Business Owner As a small business owner, it’s hard to take a successful holiday. One way or another, and without even knowing it, you get roped into a ‘small task’ while you’re away which then turns into a full responsibility. And before you know it, your...
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Networking in…with Mark Cuddigan

On Wednesday 15th March, we were treated to a brilliant session by Ella’s Kitchen CEO Mark Cuddigan! As a the net zero hero and B corp champion, Mark so generously shared with us why its’s so important to pioneer the change that you want to see in the world! Through his business Ella’s Kitchen, Mark...
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An Outside idea How to succeed faster

Accelerate Business Growth for Caring Business Owners

Accelerate Business Growth for Caring Business Owners There’s no such thing as overnight success. Behind every victory is hard work, sweat, and sometimes even tears. But there are ways to accelerate business growth. Let me tell you the story of Alexander Wang… When he was 19 years old, he dropped out of Massachusetts Institute of...
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