An Outside idea: Start with the end in mind – Are you pushing rocks uphill?

In Greek mythology, a guy named Sisyphus was cursed to push a huge boulder up a hill; only for it to roll back down once he neared the top.

The gods thought, with good reason, that there was nothing more dreadful than futile labour.

Sad, right?

Well, that is what many of us do in life.

We wake up, work hard doing things that aren’t getting us closer to our goals, sleep then repeat. But…

Success isn’t defined by how hard you work, it is defined by whether or not you achieve your goals.

And to achieve your goals, you need to have them set in stone before you start pushing.

Beginning with the end in mind helps you work with purpose. If you lack a clear sense of direction, you won’t make it to the right place.

In The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey uses a great analogy when he says – “suppose you want to arrive at a specific location in Chicago, but you’re given a map of Detroit, you wouldn’t get to that location in Chicago no matter how hard you tried.
You could try harder, be more diligent, or double your speed, but your efforts would only succeed in getting you to the wrong place faster.”

My questions for you this week are:

Have you thought about where you are and where you want to get to??
Have you set a deadline for when you want to get there?
Have you created an action plan listing all the things you must do to get there?

If you haven’t, then you may be interested in PLAN 90.

Onwards and Upwards my friend

P x


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