An Outside idea from Victoria Wright : A Shift from Selling to Helping

Hello there lovely, 

I’m Victoria Wright and ever since I was a child I have wanted to help people. When I worked as a research scientist I felt this wasn’t direct enough so I embarked on a journey that has me studying herbal medicine, health coaching and contemplative psychology. I now bring all of this together in my business The Living Herb to help people who are struggling with health issues – from life changes like menopause to long term chronic illness where there is no cure. 

Turning from academia to owning a business has been a steep learning curve for me. There I was armed with my will to help others but somehow I needed to turn it into a viable way to put food on the table….. and I like food! 

It was only when I read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann did it all fall into place. In the book they explain a number of principles (go and read the book!) which for me were revolutionary. You see, selling is not my strong point but when I learned that if I focus on helping others I can trust that the money bit will take care of itself it suddenly shifted my focus from selling to giving.

Now this may sound all very woowoo for a physicist but really it is just Newton’s third law of motion (yes I am this geeky) – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

So I challenge you today: where can you add value? what can you give? how can you be of service? Even the tiniest bit of help can be life changing for someone so why not make someone’s day?

Love and health


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