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The Alliance

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Welcome to The Alliance

The Alliance is our gang. It’s the place where people who love networking come to get more involved in a deeper sense of community. There are no complicated rules or pricing plans, it’s a simple monthly fee with no joining charge.
It’s the power of community, friendship, strength in numbers…


A friendly & forward thinking business community committed to growth.

What to expect...



Set up your company profile on our ‘Meet The Alliance’ page. You’ll need a profile picture, banner image, & an intro to you & your business.


Networking in...

Join Networking in… twice a month, & invite your friends for free as your guest, with your own named discount code.


Advertise Events

Have an event or series of events coming up? Advertise them on the Oi website, in our newsletter & through The Alliance community.


Community Support

For even more community support, be part of The Alliance Whatsapp group & Book club who meet once a month. Don’t have time? Don’t worry, we’ll send you the review after.

Take a look below to see what else is included...

The Alliance

What's included...

Free access to Networking in...

Our twice monthly Networking group - Networking in… is genuinely the friendliest most welcoming group in our little corner of the internet. Built to celebrate entrepreneurship & support business owners who are looking to grow.


Read some of the biggest & best business books at the same time as the rest of The Alliance. Then get together to discuss the things you've learned. Be inspired, motivated & implement some great ideas in your own business.


You’ll get your own business profile on our Alliance member page & the ability to promote your upcoming events. Includes contact details, website & all that stuff...


Engage with the community via our private Linkedin & WhatsApp groups. Connect with others on business topics, advice, challenges & sharing wins.


Need an introduction to a specific person or business, if someone in The Alliance knows them we’ll do our best to facilitate.


One company membership allows anyone from your company to attend.


We don’t have any complicated rules on who can & can’t attend based on region or industry. If you’re an owner or decision maker in your own business you’re welcome.


At each of our Networking events we have the privilege of hearing from a guest speaker. We will discuss topics that bring tangible takeaways you can implement in your own business.


We’re all missing face to face events. When things get back to normal we’ll be back to arranging fantastic fun days out where The Alliance will get together. First up Newbury racecourse the summer (fingers crossed).


By joining The Alliance you will be introduced & meet regularly with a fantastic group of businesses, all with similar goals in mind.


More than ever before, business can be conducted globally. We have no caps on where people who join us can come from. If you're friendly, supportive & up for growing, we think you’ll love it.

Bring a

Bring a friend along to Networking in... for free. You'll have your own code to share with your contacts to bring along as your guest.

The Alliance

It’s tough at the top! How would it feel to have an army of other business owners at your back?

A group of people who understand your struggles, your challenges & your frustrations. People you can count on, lean on & celebrate with. Folks who’ll shout about you, your events & your offering.

Your gang, your community, your Alliance. Feels good right? The secret to this sort of support – Community.  You need to join a group. Problem is, which one! There are tons of great groups out there & it’s hard to know which one is right for you. As a result, you don’t join any – Which makes you feel a little isolated & like you’re going through all this on your own. We’ve been there, & we genuinely believe that we’re stronger together. Everyone should have access to a kick ass community of business owners. You included. We are a  friendly & forward thinking business community committed to growth, & we’d love you to join us. Here’s how it works, sign up, get involved & feel part of something bigger than you.

It’s tough at the top! But easier when you’re part of an Alliance.

It’s the power of community, friendship, strength in numbers…


Who joins The Alliance?

Any business owner or decision maker of a business that wants to grow. We mainly attract SMEs, but also regularly see Sole Traders & side hustlers. If you are part of a company that wants to get in front of the right people & make the right connections, this is the place for you.

Is there a fixed term?

No not at all. We want to have businesses that are getting the most out of The Alliance, if you’re not, then you’re absolutely able to walk away with no charge or penalty. But we don’t expect you’ll need to 😉

Can I advertise my events?

Yes! You will be able to promote any event through our membership platform, & our supportive community can help you push your social media advertisements too. 

I've never done any networking before, what can i expect?

Well you’ve definitely come to the right place! Our networking sessions have a loose structure to keep the rhythm & pace moving, they are filled with friendly, welcoming people who will make you feel  at ease. We have a laugh, learn a bit, do some introductions, & feel motivated & ready to take on the world! 

We're a charity, is there any discount available?

We partner with charities each year, if you’d like to work with us use the ‘I’m interested’ form below to get in contact & our team will be in touch. charities are eligible for a free subscription, including free event promo’s, free networking, free business listing & being part of our fantastic community.  

What networking sessions are included?

Our twice monthly Networking in… group meets the first & third Wednesday of every month. We have plans to increase this, & your membership will enable you to join all of them with no price increase. 

  • Quite simply the VERY BEST networking event in the world, ever; thanks to Peter Mols and all the other wonderful people who make up this group. It is honestly the most inclusive and supportive group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to get to know.

    Owner, Tethered Tripod
  • The community feel that’s been established is so welcoming and friendly. And there’s some really great business, this month alone I’m working on 3 projects with people that I met through this specific group, and there are a couple more in my pipeline for this quarter. I wholeheartedly would recommend it


    Owner, Twenty Eighty Online
    Peter Mols Outside ideas Business Coach Oxfordshire
  • It is definitely one of THE best networking groups I’ve ever been to. Such a warm and happy group of people.



    The Living Herb
    Peter Mols Outside ideas Business Coach Oxfordshire
  • You’ve done an amazing job of pulling together a bunch of fantastic people – caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Thank you for creating such an amazing space!



  • Thanks for the welcome! Great to meet new people as well as renewing old contacts ! Look forward to more sessions full of positive energy!

    Owner, Proficio Solutions

The Alliance

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