6 Reasons Why You Should Not Join A Mastermind Group

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Join A Mastermind Group

You probably landed on this blog post and wondered, “Why would a company offering mastermind groups write about why you shouldn’t join a mastermind group?”

You’re just about to find out why…

Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Grant Cardone, and even Mark Zuckerberg’s success are all products of mastermind groups.

But something else stands out among this set of people. They were all once EXTREMELY sceptical about joining mastermind groups.

Some were hesitant to seek outside advice, thought that they could achieve success by themselves, or just didn’t see its value.

But years later, these four people have turned around completely and spoken publicly about the immense value that mastermind groups bring. Mastermind groups are important for personal and financial growth, networking and collaboration, and collective wisdom.

Across the world, mastermind groups have birthed legends. And despite all the reasons you may have for not joining a mastermind group, you may just want to challenge those thoughts and see how far you and your business could go.

Mastering the Mastermind: Addressing 6 Common Objections

Over the years, we have found that there are similar reasons why people deny themselves the opportunity to join a mastermind group. In this blog post, we address 6 of the most common objections that we have received in the recent past:

  1. I don’t have enough time
  2. I don’t see its value. What’s the ROI?
  3. It’s too expensive
  4. I’ve tried other mastermind groups before, they don’t work.
  5. I prefer face-to-face groups as opposed to online ones
  6. I don’t think I can add value

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Join A Mastermind Group

1. “I Don’t Have Enough Time.”

Time is a sensitive matter for everyone, and specifically for a business owner. You just can’t seem to get enough of it! And if you’re a solopreneur, things are even harder. You manage multiple departments all by yourself.

So, how can you expect to have enough time for a mastermind group?

Well, here are two reasons why a mastermind group should be part of your priority list items:

  • Improve your Time Management Skills

Surrounding yourself with like-minded business owners means one thing: You are likely to have encountered the same issues.

If your reason for not joining is that you don’t have time, I’m here to tell you that at Mastermind9, we can help you identify ways to prioritise your time and ensure that you make the most of your time.

Lots of business owners have presented time constraints as a challenge at Mastermind9 and we have helped them to navigate the issue.

In fact, Leah Waller, who is one of the members, reports that she was able to take a 2 week holiday without work, while doubling her invoicing just a few months after joining. All this she attributed to Mastermind9.

  • Set Aside Time To Work On Your Business

The reason why you don’t have enough time to commit to a mastermind group is probably because you let too many things slip into the important and urgent quadrant.

You’re spending too much time working IN your business that you forget to work ON the business. And this can cost you dearly!

Mastermind9 ensures that each month you schedule in time to grow your business in all aspects. You go away with actions for yourself and report the progress when you come back. You’re kept accountable.

2. “I Don’t See Its Value. What’s the ROI?”

So what if you get advice from 8 other small business owners? What does that have to do with your growth? They don’t know my business. 

Well, to answer that, the statistics don’t lie.

100% of our mastermind members have reported success – They have managed to expand the office, hire new members, make A LOT more money, and create a work-life balance.

They’ve been able to do the stuff that they have been wanting to do for years! And they have openly shared that their businesses wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for Mastermind9.

“Who would have thought somebody who runs a computer recycling company would be sitting here taking advice from someone who owns a kitchen refurbishment design company? We’ve got completely different life skills, but we can support each other.”

Here are 5 benefits of joining Mastermind9:

  • Support in Your Business

You feel lonely and isolated in your business. You have no one to turn to with your problems, and no one who will understand you. We want you to know that you are not alone! 

Almost every Mastermind9’er reported these feelings before they joined. But with the group in place, these feelings slowly die down.

“I know if I’ve got an issue, even if it’s not to do with work, if I’m just having a bit of a rough day and don’t know where I’m going or whatever, I know that there’s someone else in the group that I can call or message at any time and they’ll be there just to either listen or to say they’ve been in that situation and this is what they did or don’t do this. “ ~Danielle Beeken

  • Business Growth

If you are looking to grow your business, Mastermind9 is the right place for you! No matter how you define growth, you will find it at Mastermind9.

How can we be so sure? You set aside 4 hours per month to work on your business. You take away an assignment and are held accountable to work on it by the next session.

Surrounding yourself with people who refuse to see you fail can only mean one thing – Immense growth.

  • Accountability Which Propels Your Business Forward

How many things have you said that you will do for your business and have never done? Everyone has that to-do-list that remains untouched because we simply don’t get around to doing those things.

Aside from the accountability as a group, every Mastermind9 member also has an accountability partner who holds them to their promises.

  • Resources and Connections

With 8 business owners and a facilitator in the sessions, you are guaranteed to pick up some gems each and every time!

Small business owners go through similar journeys and problems, and you can always learn from one another. You’ll find that many of your questions have answers within the room, whether it be through resources or connections with other small business owners.

  • Quick Learning Curve

It’s quite intense to have to learn things by yourself. But with a mastermind group, there are people to guide you every step of the way.

The members of your mastermind group will possess skills and ideas that may have taken them years to develop, and they can share them with you in a simplified way.

3. “It’s Too Expensive.”

Sometimes, as a business owner, we all need to be mindful about our expenditure. All the money you have is used to re-invest in the business. We completely understand!

But Mastermind9 is an investment in your personal and professional growth. You become more confident, you gain new resources and connections, and ultimately, your business grows.

When you join Mastermind9, you’re gaining access to a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and mentorship that can propel you forward in your journey.

Almost all of our Mastermind9’ers have had a significant return on their investment and been able to find invaluable insights for their business.

Here are two reasons why Mastermind9 is not too expensive:

  • The ROI Is Great

All factors considered, Mastermind9 is not too expensive. We have had members make up to 300% more money in sales as a result of the group. Others have expanded their team, and others have expanded their office space.

Some members have been able to take a holiday for the first time in years! In short, the amount of value you get from a mastermind group is incredible!

At a cost of only £175, you enjoy:

  • Monthly peer advisory mastermind group meetings
  • Accountability actions
  • Twice monthly networking groups
  • Business planning workshops
  • Company membership to The Alliance
  • Business Listing
  • 1-2-1 ad-hoc support
  • Facilitated introductions to the right people
  • It’s Affordable

We have looked around and compared what we offer with other mastermind groups in the area. And we can without a doubt say that we are affordable compared to a lot of other groups, but we still pack the same punch.

With Mastermind9, you get more value at a lower cost.

4. “I’ve Tried Other Mastermind Groups Before, but They Don’t Work.

Yes, there are mastermind groups that don’t work for everyone, but we can confidently say that Mastermind9 is not one of them.

We look for the right fit. It’s got to work for both sides. If we think Mastermind9 isn’t right for you, we’ll signpost you to a group that might be. 

We look for diversity. This is not about industry or gender specifics. You won’t be the only guy or girl in the group. You will be surrounded by a broad range of skills, personalities, industries and experiences. We believe that this diversity in opinion and ideas makes the magic happen. We make sure that everyone has their input, their time in the spotlight, every voice is equal. 

“There’s different people in the group that can support me with different things and call me out and say, “That’s not big enough” or “That would be easy for you to do so, push it up.” ~Leah Waller

Here are two reasons why I can guarantee that Mastermind9 will work for you:

  • Careful Selection

You see, at Mastermind9, we critically analyse different personalities before placing them in a group together.

We look at different aspects including emotional, social, mental, and moral. And we do everything in our power to make sure that you end up with ambitious, like-minded business owners who refuse to see you fail.

  • 100% Success Rate

All of our Mastermind9ers have experienced growth on some level, be that financial, taking on team members, office space, confidence or clients. And all of our Mastermind9ers have gotten through challenges that they would ordinarily have struggled with, with the support of their group.

Simon Crisp of Green Machine computers says, “I honestly don’t think my business would still be here if it wasn’t for Mastermind9.”

5. “I Prefer Face-To-Face Groups as Opposed to Online Ones.”

Oh yes, the never-ending debate “Online VS face to face?”

Here’s what I’ll tell you…

Face-to-face meetings sure have their benefits. They can be less structured, and there is more opportunity for informal 1 on 1 conversations.

But on the other hand, online meetings have lots of advantages that we can’t ignore. In the world we are living in today, it might be worth giving online communication a chance and see how many benefits you can reap.

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t shy away from online mastermind groups:

  • Saves You Time and Money

Working a 9-5 essentially means working from 7-7, depending on where you live. If you factor in commute time, you’ll find that it’s more than just 8 hours.

Online mastermind groups allow you the opportunity to save on time spent driving to find your location and back. That time can then be spent on more useful tasks.

  • It’s Good For Introverts

If you are someone who is quiet, shy or prefers to spend time by yourself, then online communication is much easier to get the hang of. Introverts tend to feel more comfortable in controlled environments.

Online communication allows you to attend and gain the benefits of a mastermind group from wherever you feel comfortable.

  • It’s Convenient

Online communication is less intimidating than face-to-face. It’s also more comfortable and convenient because you can take your meetings from practically anywhere in the world. 

It doesn’t disrupt your entire day.

  • Saves the Planet

A study in the UK in 2020 showed that transport produced 24% of the UK’s total emissions and remains the largest emitting factor.

By having more online communication as opposed to face-to-face, we are contributing to lowering that figure as much as possible.

6. “I Don’t Think I Can Add Value.”

Impostor syndrome will have you believing that you don’t have much value to offer to other people.

But I will tell you this…

We have heard this objection countless times, and the irony is that some of the people who came to us saying this end up adding the most value.

As long as you are a business owner, you can certainly add value to another business owner’s life.

“I’ve learned that I have something to offer. My life skills are more than my business skills. So what’s lovely, is the exchange of support and resource and information. Knowing that everybody has something to offer. Some people might think they don’t, but they do. You just have to get going with it.” ~Danielle Beeken

Here are two reasons why we are certain that every business owner can add value to our groups:

  • Fresh Perspectives

The beauty of life is that no two people are the same. Our experiences, backgrounds, upbringing, education, geographic location and ideological beliefs are all factors that create perspectives.

Therefore, we all have value to offer to someone else by suggesting a new, fresh perspective that they probably hadn’t considered before.

  • Similar Experiences

As we have repeated over and over again in this blog post, a lot of business owners face similar challenges.

You have a lot of value to offer if you are able to successfully navigate an issue. And for that reason, you definitely have something to bring to the table!


I am so glad that you have made it to the end because hopefully, I have been able to explain the six reasons why you should join a mastermind group.

Mastermind groups have proven time and time again to be a secret to success. They create immense value for the client by providing them with resources, connections, support, accountability, knowledge, and most importantly, growth.

In summary, this blog dives into 6 objections that we commonly face from great potential clients and debunks the reasons why you shouldn’t join a mastermind group:

  1. I don’t have enough time
  2. I don’t see its value. What’s the ROI?
  3. It’s too expensive
  4. I’ve tried other mastermind groups before, they don’t work.
  5. I prefer face-to-face groups as opposed to online ones
  6. I don’t think I can add value

If you are interested in getting to know more about Mastermind9 and potentially joining the group, please get in touch with us.


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