August 17, 2023
Networking - Richard Rosser (1)

Networking in…with Richard Rosser

Networking in…with Richard Rosser What a session! 🙌🏾On Wednesday, we welcomed Richard Rosser as our guest speaker at Networking in…He was speaking to us about “How to Build an Effective Network.”We also had lots of new faces in the room, which was super exciting! People choose to go networking for many different reasons. To win...
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Ideal Client Avatar

Know Your Ideal Client Avatar

Know your Ideal Client Avatar Every business owner needs to know in detail their ideal client avatar. Having this in place is like having a GPS.  It guides your marketing, ensures efficient resource allocation, and enhanced customer experience. To demonstrate this, let’s talk about the “Share a Coke” campaign… They changed the “traditional” wrapping around...
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