June 17, 2021

An Outside idea: Fans made Mona famous

You knew that the Mona Lisa was stolen, right…That’s what made her famous. Prior to that, she’d been a fairly unremarkable woman who, for nearly 400 years, was of interest only to those in certain arty circles.Her fame stems from a few RAVING FANS – art critics and poets who were so enamored by her,...
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BOOK REVIEW: THINK AND GROW RICH BY NAPOLEON HILL Think and Grow Rich is among the top 10 best-selling self-help books of all time for a reason.  The author, Napoleon Hill, was a journalist when he met Andrew Carnegie. He asked him how he became so successful but instead of answering, Carnegie asked Hill if...
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An Outside idea from Danielle Beeken : Use colour to ramp up your positivity

Hello, fellow Oi’ers, As an Oi newbie, I can already see the benefits of being part of a supportive tribe of business owners, but I have no clear vision yet as to what I can personally bring to the table of great value. I am sure Peter will sort that out, he strikes me as...
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Mastermind9 Values

Mastermind9 Values Honesty We’ll always tell each other the truth. Both on what’s going on in our own lives and with our peers. Openness  We will collaborate with an open mind and embrace change where change is needed. Supporting  We will work with our peers and embrace their challenges as our own. Growth We will...
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The 9 commandments of Mastermind9

The 9 commandments of Mastermind9 Participation – The strength of our group lies in the active participation of us all.  Attention – We should be completely focused on what’s happening in meetings. No phones, email or side conversations. Attendance –  We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month and ask you to do your...
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